Specification of Common Spaces:

  • Doors and windows – German, REHAU production, with metal-plastic three-section profiles, double low emission (energy efficient) glass packages, with opening-hanging function
  • Balcony floor – surfaced with high quality frost resistant ceramic-granite tiles
  • Balcony railing - made of steel and tempered glass
  • Exterior walls of the building – heated with thermal insulated XPS and by thermal grinding
  • MDF front door with digital key and digital power management system is installed in every apartment
  • Elevators -  OTIS 8-person and 24-hour elevators made of stainless and fireproof steel are installed in the building
  • The building is designed and built according to state fire safety regulations. Fire safety systems are installed
  • A video surveillance system is installed throughout the territory and in common areas to ensure the safety of the residents and guests
  • 200 kv Autonomous Generator – as an alternative power source, is provided in case of an emergency power shutdown
  • The complex is supplied by a licensed spring in Bakuriani. 50-ton flowing out water reservoirs are installed for water supplies in case of an emergency

List of complex maintenance and technical-emergency services:

  • Maintenance, cleaning, heating and lighting of common areas of the building (entrances, foyers, elevators, corridors, etc.)
  • Provision of technical maintenance of building elevators and all other engineering equipment and 24/7 emergency service
  • 24/7 technical and emergency service for the apartments
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the yard and the surrounding area
  • Taking care of the plants
  • 24/7 concierge service

Management of an Apartment:

  • Apartment rental service is provided by the Hotel Crystal management team. Services include:
  • Promoting and advertising the Hotel
  • Guests reception and accommodation, administrator’s services
  • Daily cleaning of rooms in accordance with the Crystal standards
  • Placing the Crystal Branded hygiene products in the rooms
  • Conducting check-outs, closing accounts with the guests and receiving the rooms
  • Providing a guarantee for safeguarding the furniture, household appliances and inventory placed in the room (from loss or damage)

When buying a repaired apartment, the following will be provided in the flat:

  • Floor – stretched and ready for parquet flooring
  • Plumbing - the pipes are installed and brought to the endpoint, ready to be used
  • The external perimeter of the apartment is built of 20 cm pumice block and surfaced with plasterboard slabs
  • The interior partitions of the apartment are made with double plasterboard and filled with sound insulation material
  • Internal partitions - structured according to individual plans of a buyer
  • Ceiling height - 285 cm
  • Communications – apartment is fully webbed (electricity, television, internet, internal telephone network)
  • Heating system – sectional radiators and towels drying in the bathroom
  • Combines boiler - individual high-performance water boiler and heating boiler
  • Floor - 12 mm laminate flooring with natural wood effect
  • Bathrooms - surfaced with high quality ceramic granite slabs
  • Plumbing - glass shower cabin, sink, installed toilet seat
  • Installed internal MDF doors connecting the rooms
  • Electricity - chandeliers and lighting fixtures installed in the rooms, bathrooms and balconies. Plugs and switches installed
  • Cosmetic repair - ceilings and walls lined
  • Kitchen – built-in kitchen furniture

In addition, the fully furnished apartment will also provide for the following:

  • Bedroom furniture – double bed with mattress and 2 bedside drawers, wardrobe
  • Living room furniture - soft furniture, coffee table, TV stand, coat rack for a hallway
  • Household appliances - TVs in the living room and bedroom, electric kettle, fridge, hairdryer, telephone, electric safe
  • Textile - day and night curtains, mattress protector, blanket, pillows, bedding (in case of handing over the apartment into management the room will be rented with Crystal linens and towels)
  • Bathroom accessories - towel shelf, towel rack, enlarging mirror, brush, soap dispenser/holder
  • Other accessories - iron and iron board, clothes racks, tableware