In the highly sought-after resort region, the Crystal Group presents a rewarding opportunity to own fully furnished and comfortable apartments within a four-season resort.

Nestled beside a serene forested park and embracing a ski track, Crystal Wood is an integral part of the expansive Crystal Resort area, ensuring a consistent influx of visitors throughout the year.

The project has reached completion and is currently hosting apartment owners and their guests.

The construction of Crystal Wood employed top-notch materials, including an OTIS production elevator, REHAU production door-window, fire safety, and video surveillance systems, among others.

On the ground floor of the complex, you'll find a hotel reception and hall, a lobby bar, a ski storage room, a fitness center, a Finnish sauna, and a massage parlor.

The apartments have been delivered in a renovated and fully equipped state, complete with furniture, appliances, textiles, household items, and hotel accessories.

Similar to all Crystal apart-hotels, Crystal Wood is under the management of the Crystal Management Group, ensuring comprehensive maintenance and facilitating apartment rentals.

Services and Infrastructure